私はこの製作方法を Life Cast Art と呼んでいる。
自然と融合とした姿こそ私が追い求める Art であるかもしれない。

The creation of fetish

My manufacturing starts from casting directly from man's body.
I gradually complete a model that is molded from man's body, or life cast, and reflect the body's qualities and image in each piece.
I call this way of creation Life Cast Art.
Once I placed a piece I had made on a seaside hill near my house.
I could smell the tide in the air and saw the landscape enveloped in soft, moist light and this image that perfectly blended with the scenery.
I then realized that images that are part of nature, in harmony with nature , are the true art I pursue.


2015.01.25 @TAIZA

2015.01.25 @TAIZA



The reality of man's body occasionally reminds me that the body is a figure wh ich symbolizes the origin of life.
It might be said that a work of art has reached its true potential when you derive pleasure not only from appreciating its artistic value, but also from what it “teaches” us by being like that.
The only way to share intimate time with a work of art is by owning and using it.
More than by its superficial beauty, a work of art attracts us by the real fetishism and passion for nature expressed in it.